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The First Church of God, Frankfort is affiliated with the Church of God movement, which is based in Anderson, Indiana.  This movement was founded on the belief that anyone - regardless of their denominational background - who has accepted Christ as their savior is a "member" of the Church of God.  All believers are brothers and sisters in Christ. 

The Frankfort congregation was established by a small group of people in the mid-1950s.  Its first meetings were held in homes, tents, the county courthouse and the old YMCA.  The church's first pastors were itinerant - traveling from church to church - its first pulpit was homemade, and its first pews were donated. 

In 1965 the small congregation build a house on Bender Drive, where church and Sunday school were held until the early 1970s, when the first sanctuary and classrooms were built next door.  Anticipating growth, the church in the late 1980s bought a four-acre lot on the west side of Frankfort.  Construction of the present facility began in mid-1999 and was completed in February 2000. 

Throughout its history, the congregation has reached into the community to attract both Christians and those who have not yet heard of, or made commitments to, Christ.  Through the power of the holy Spirit, the church has produced many Christian workers who serve in pastoral and music ministries throughout the nation and the world. 

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